Get to know the team!



Neil Daley is our president here at Image Tek and has been since inception in 1998. Before starting Image Tek, he graduated from Regis University, and later completed a Masters degree at CU Boulder.  Neil has been in the manufacturing field since 1986.  He has always appreciated the skills and talents of his Image Tek associates, who make and deliver high quality products with pride while truly caring about our customers.

Outside of the office Neil and his partner Margie enjoy the outdoors as well as spending time with their close families.  A long-time supporter of retired racehorses, Neil has worked to see that they are re-trained and go to good homes and new careers, to create a sustainable and caring environment for all involved with these beautiful animals.

Caitlyn Crelin 


Caitlyn Crelin is our Director of Operations here at Image Tek and has been with the company for 8 years. Throughout her time here Caitlyn has had experience in the Print shop, Machine shop, and office. Caitlyn's favorite part of her position is the relationship she has created with our loyal customers and team in house. Outside of the office Caitlyn is usually exploring the outdoors. If she isn't up in the mountain shredding the pow Caitlyn can be found working in her garden hanging with the bees. 

Dana Willis


Dana Willis is our Graphic Artist here at Image Tek. Dana has been with our company for 15 years, however his career as an artist began back in 1990. Dana enjoys working with the team and is the company’s unofficial cool uncle. He is an artist through and through, outside of work you can typically find Dana working on his personal illustrations or taking more photos.

Derek England 


Derek England is our printing supervisor and has been with Image Tek for 19 years. Derek is a seasoned printer and has in the industry for 31 years! As a skilled printer Derek enjoys the variety of the jobs we see come into our shop doors and completing them with the great team we have here. Outside of the shop Derek spends a lot of time outdoors hiking, biking, and rafting in our beautiful home state of Colorado.



James John is our Quality Director here at Image Tek and has been with the company for 20 years. James favorite part about the position is training machinist to his expectation of quality. Outside of the work place James enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset, reading a romance novel next to a crackling fire. He also enjoys time spent in the kitchen and his delicacy is coleslaw made from scratch. 



Jason Wiedel is a machinist who has been with Image Tek for about one year. Jason has past metal manufacturing experience and is broadening his horizon working with more Plastic parts here at Image Tek. Jason’s favorite part of the job is machining new challenging parts. Outside of work Jason spends most of his time enjoying his newborn baby!



Molly Walsh is an administrative assistant added to the team a few months ago. Although her time here at Image Tek has been very brief thus far, her experience in international communications and personable skills is a great addition to the office. Molly’s favorite part of being part of Image Tek is the team. Outside of the office Molly enjoys live music and drawing!